Post Dive Meal for Recovery! The recipe would surprise you! #G⌽T

After getting back cleaning all my gear I am so tired I just about fall asleep when coming through the door. Long days of diving leave you dehydrated and lacking in essential electrolytes, and nutrients. It is imperative that you eat a balance clean meal post dive high in protein, and drink plenty of water. This meal was shared by my close friend Tormund from Westeros. When Tormund isn’t slaying the dead or chasing big blonde knights skirts, he likes to dive north of the wall on the coast just north of east-watch looking for oysters, clams, and cockles. After long days of diving he found that nothing brought his strength back quite like (Giants Milk and Cookies™) The milk has large amounts of protein that help to rebuild broken down muscles and the cookies ( 1/2 cup sweet tree sap, 1 cup mung bean, 1 cup sour goats milk, and 1/2 Dothraki horse kidney) restore glycogen levels and gets you ready for a fun night of post dive partying. Truthfully the texture gets to me a bit but it tastes great. I will be making some home made cookies with giants milk tonight when my favorite show airs Game of Thrones!

Happy Diving,