Who Died in Game of Thrones? Spoilers*

Rhaegal… Rhaegal died, and Missandei. But truthfully she has been a lackluster character from the beginning and has had zero depth so its not that much of a shock. To be honest the whole episode was a bit lackluster and seemed to be more and more like a soap opera that what it used to be. There is more smiling in GOT in this season than we have seen in the past 7 seasons. It seems to me that George has almost no part in this and that it’s getting very Hollywood. I really hope these next 2 episodes can bring it home and have some great twists to them. In my opinion, they ended the only storyline that mattered which was defeating the night king. I don’t give two shits who sits on the iron throne I liked the lore and fantasy behind the children of the forest, the first men, the night king, and the three-eyed raven. Now we spend 45 min of an hour and a half episode saying goodbyes and kindling love stories? What is going on? I think the winner for the episode was the Starbucks cup in the shot. Bravo to the intern that left that shit. I think they will be working at Starbucks soon instead of on set.

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