My personal Diving Bucket list

This list was curated by word of mouth and experiences. It is not the typical bucket list diving spots. Some you might have heard about and some might be out of the ordinary spots. These are not big ticket items such as the great barrier reef and are really just a little bit off the beaten path. I expect this list to grow as time goes on

  1. Bimini Road Bahamas

Bimini Road is plagued with more conspiracies than I am happy to say but in all it looks amazing! It is a half mile stretch of underwater structure made of rectangular limestone blocks. Whether this was an ancient, road, jetty, water break, wall, or something else no one knows. Either way it is diving on unexplained history. Also on Bimini there is really good hammerhead shark diving! Here is a video about the shark diving done by DvS Video. They made a beautiful video about their experience, and gives you a good idea to what Bimini is all about. I couldn’t find a good video that wasn’t too conspiracy about the Bimini road so you will have to google it on your own.

2. Silfra, Iceland

The Silfra is an amazing dive between 2 tectonic plates. The water is ice cold and you need to have drysuits. I went to Iceland with my wife for our honeymoon but sadly was not drysuit certified, and could not dive it. We decided that it was a good enough reason to come back to the states and get certified so that we can come back to experience it the right way. Iceland itself seems not of this world and deserves a lot of attention by you if you venture all that way to dive the silfra. Take your time there and enjoy the hot springs, great food, perpetual sunrises and sunsets. The volcanic landscape is extremely breathtaking both above and below the water. If you are really adventurous eat a fermented green shark.

3. Geothermal vents, Iceland

This spot is an amazing ecosystem and unlike any other. Most diving is in tropical easy dives. This one is a little more challenging and you need to have more training such as drysuit but it is very doable. I would do this in conjunction with the Silfra! Here is more more information on what you might expect to see. Vents

4.  Kobanya mine, Budapest.

Truthfully I do not have a lot of information about this site. I do know that it is technical cave diving and that you need multiple bottles in one trip. It is just scary to me to be in constricted areas underwater, and I like to do the things that give me the creeps a little. Second creepy part is that it was abandoned and flooded which makes it even more scary. Either way it is an amazing place to dive. See video attached of an absolute nut freediving it. I do not advise doing this.  

5. Antarctica

This continent is so mysterious to me and so beautiful every time I see it in videos and pictures. Diving with sheer ice-walls into a black abyss seems so exhilarating. The visibility and marine life there are out of this world. There are many different places to dive I am just putting the general continent on because If the opportunity to dive in any spot there came up I would take it in a heartbeat. Attached is a video done by Behind the Mask. I would give these guys a follow they make some stellar videos.

This list will remain ongoing.. If you have anywhere that you think should be on a bucket list please leave it in the comments and I will check it out and add it in!!

Thank you for your time,


2 thoughts on “My personal Diving Bucket list

  1. I need to investigate the Bimini Road dive site. It sounds very interesting.

    Diving the Silfra was a lot of fun. In addition, you should try open ocean dives in Iceland, they have a few cool sites with lots of kelp and cool creatures in between.


    1. There is so much to Iceland that I want to explore! I’ll look into those open ocean dives! The Bimini road I’m pretty sure you can free dive. But as well as that I am sure there is a ton of good diving around it.

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