Respect the Ocean

Today I stumbled upon a video of two men (what looked like commercial fisherman from Iceland) who caught what looks to be a greenland shark. They had a line wrapped around the tail fin of the shark and then without any real explanation cut off the tail fin. One man yelled out “good luck trying to swim now, you bastard” as the fish attempted to swim off bleeding profusely. As a diver, fisherman, spear-fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast I have done my fair share of hunting and fishing that means that I have harvested game fish. There is a respect that comes from real fisherman for the ocean and life in general. These two men are a disgrace to all anglers and outdoorsmen, and I hope they never fish again. Below is the article that talks about the actions that are being taken to deal with this situation. I am just so disgusted at what happened here and I cant even understand what the thought process was in order to do something like this.

Stay safe out there!



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