Scuba Diving tips tricks and Destinations!


Welcome to The Dive Logs. This is just a side project about many things related to Diving. This is intended for beginners to advanced Divers and is strictly for Scuba and Free Diving. It may delve into Diving history and miscellaneous other topics related to ocean living. If you enjoy please leave a thumbs up or if you have any things you would like to discuss please drop a comment! A little bit about me, My name is Jesse I joined the Navy as a Diver 5 or so years ago and have been on 200-plus dives most being scuba and surface supplied. I seek to inform and help others who want to get into exploring the underworld!


This is me and my now wife Lily on our second dive trip to Belize. One of my favorite places to dive!IMG_0218

We both have gone on many adventures together and are always planning the next big trip. 



One day we will travel full time but for now we are content enjoying the gulf coast with our 2 massive favorite creatures. Yes I know they are as big as a horse. No we don’t have a saddle. IMG_0703

Bruce is our old boy and one of the calmest well natured dogs ever!

Indiana on the other hand is a straight lunatic and I love him for it. Together we drive up and down the gulf coast looking for fun in the sun!

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