Inspiring Interview and Life after Death

I know this doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with diving, however it does have to do with passion and life. A huge part of my life is the ocean, traveling, and diving. Today while cleaning my house I listened to this podcast by the Joe Rogan Experience. This particular interview was with a man named CT Fletcher. If you have heard of him you might know him as one of the greatest bodybuilders and one of the most iconic individuals in fitness. He within this last year had to have a heart transplant. This man speaks on his experience and his outlook on life. He also speaks on faith, life, death, and what is most important in life. This article spoke to me in immense ways. I have been cooped up in my house after a very minor surgery. It was nothing like his and by far I was not near death in any way shape or form, but he speaks on doing life right! If you want to do something do it! You are on borrowed time. Want to start a business? Want to run a marathon? Want to travel? Want to go to school? Commit to it. Commit to it with happiness in your heart, a diligent mind, and be aggressive in your actions. Some things might happen to you that seem like huge roadblocks, yet in the big picture it is nothing, absolutely nothing. Life would be a lot better if we all had a life or death experiences where we can realize how fragile and short our lives are. Anyways when you are on a run, working out, or cleaning give this a listen it’s amazing!

Thank you,


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